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Today, most non-invasive genetic tests are exploratory and typically followed by an intrusive "real" diagnostic test. These "liquid biopsies" are a treasure trove of information if handled properly. Truly diagnostic tests could dramatically change the way we manage our health personally and our healthcare as a society. Recent advances in various areas of science and technology have created a possibility for truly diagnostic tests. Deepcell is developing a disruptive technology which offers a non-invasive test with diagnostic-level accuracy.

Meet the Team

We are a team of scientists and technologists with a diverse background
from machine learning to medicine.

Maddison Masaeli, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO

Mahyar Salek, PhD

Co-Founder, President and CTO

Thomas Musci, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Hou-Pu Chou, PhD

Executive VP of Hardware Engineering

Prashast Khandelwal

Head of Software Engineering

Krishna Pant, PhD

VP of Bioinformatics

Tariq Shafaat

Sr. Principal Mechanical Engineer

Christina Chang, PhD

Staff Scientist

Jeff Walker

Senior Software Engineer

Esther Lee, PhD

Senior Scientist

Soroush Kahkeshani, PhD

Research and Development Engineer

Quillan Smith

Research and Development Engineer

Phuc Nguyen

Manufacturing Engineer

Brandy Burggraff

Executive Assistant

Advisory Board

Euan Ashley, MD PhD

Scientific Co-Founder

James Goldberg, MD

Scientific Advisor

Tom Schoenherr


Ronald J. Wapner, MD

Scientific Advisor

Behzad Nasre


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We are looking for talented individuals to join our fast-growing team.

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1025 Terra Bella Ave. Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94043